Our values and principles are statements of beliefs that guide and drive our mission, vision and all our activities as a Non-profit organization (NPO). In pursuit of our charitable goals, we seek to do and give our very best towards their achievement and more.

We believe:

  • Children are tomorrow’s hope and therefore caring for them is essentially investing in our future.
  • A single generous hand can touch hearts and have a positive impact on many lives.
  • Over and above that, when people unite in acts of generosity and altruism, great strides towards inspiring and uplifting societies are achieved.
  • Sharing not only allows us to give back but is also our way of showing gratitude to God, while restoring faith in humanity.



  • Faith
    We believe and place our trust in God for his provision, guidance, and direction in everything that we do.
    Our mission of transformation is strongly fostered by a relationship with Christ and a keen adherence to the scriptures.
  •  Stewardship
    The foundation’s resources are used responsibly and primarily to advance its mission for the selfness betterment of society.
    We believe in managing the blessings given to us by God for the greater good.
  • Integrity & Honesty
    In carrying out our work, we consistently commit to the highest standards of conduct.
    Both internally and externally, we strive to always communicate honestly, clearly and in a timely manner.
  • Humility
    At the cornerstone of our foundation is humility— we pursue our mission in a manner that values and places those we serve above ourselves, free from selfish ambition.
    More importantly, we view ourselves as imperfect beings and seek to use every humbling moment as an opportunity for growth.
  • Transparency & Accountability
    We provide a transparent environment where our stakeholders can see and understand how we operate by providing accurate, complete, and timely information about our activities as an organization.
    While upholding their respective duties, our members are always available to provide necessary information and ready to be accountable for any unmet expectations.